Thanks for helping to preserve the
honey and pollination industry of Illinois.


Applicators, click here to search for bees in your spray area. For the most precise search use GPS coordinates, road/street intersection, or street address.

  • Please notify beekeepers in your spray area 24 hours in advance of your planned spray.
  • Spraying after 6 pm or as late as possible will help minimize losses/damages.
  • Keep to the scheduled time as much as possible.

Beekeepers, be sure your apiary location(s) are in the DriftWatch database, so applicators can find you and alert you to planned spray operations. Click here to register.

General Information

Pesticide applicators can now gain contact and locational information related to Illinois beekeepers as well various pesticide-sensitive crops. The new Illinois DriftWatch internet site includes two main portals, one for pesticide-sensitive crop producers (including beekeepers) and another for pesticide applicators.

The producer portal allows producers to register the types and locations of their pesticide-sensitive crops so that they can be viewed by potential pesticide applicators.

The pesticide applicator portal allows applicators to register their service area which, in turn, will allow them to receive automatic notifications when pesticide-sensitive crop locations are added to the areas in which they work.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has already added the locations of many apiaries registered with the Department to the database and is promoting the use of the internet site to pesticide applicators at Pesticide Safety Education Program clinics being held throughout the state from December through May.

The Illinois Department of Agriculture, in cooperation with the Illinois State Beekeepers Association, has undertaken this project to assist in the possible reduction of honeybee exposure to various pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, etc.). There have been some instances where honeybees have been exposed to these materials, at times with catastrophic impacts. In an effort to limit these exposures, the IDA is hoping to increase communication between the pesticide user community and the state’s beekeepers.

Educational Materials

Downloadable posters that promote the Illinois Bees program are here.

You may view a slideshow presentation of the DriftWatch program here.

If you would like to present this show you may download it in your choice of format:

This site is provided by Stateline Beekeepers Association in cooperation with the Illinois Department of Agriculture and the various beekeeper associations of Illinois.